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ADNISHAADI is a Matrimonial Dating Site allowing you to find your perfect match.

Asslamuallaykum and welcome to apnishaadi we are a specialist website that assist Asian men & women from different backgrounds and all walks of life in finding their perfect match worldwide. Muslim Sikh Hindu Christian or maybe your a parent/relative seeking the perfect companion for your daughter/son/cousin Then join free today and let apnishaadi open the door to thousands of choices for you.

Whatever part of the world you’re from we will do our best to find you your perfect match! Because after all we deserve the best in life.

We at apnishaadi offer a bespoke 1st class service unlike some other websites. where you join and are left on your own to do your own match making. We take it a step further and offer a fresh new approach. With a physical base in England/Pakistan/Morroco. Where qualified staff with a compassion and understanding for your needs. Will search actively through thousands of profiles. To find you ideal perfect match by keeping you informed. Your personal data is 100% safe and secure and isn’t passed to any member until or unless you say so.

If you are in England seeking a partner in Pakistan or you are in Pakistan seeking a partner in England then we offer to our Paid members a free service where we will gather as much information as we can at agreement with both parties involved things like current family photographs, list of family members, previous marriage history, statements from locals on the individual. We at apnishaadi guarantee to offer a bespoke professional services with a personal touch at all times.

We will always keep in touch with our members and get feed back on progress for the search for their perfect match. And offer help & advice. And remember we have a physical presence in England/Pakistan/morroco.

Dedicated staff who understands your needs with a compassion!
Easy ways to pay for membership upgrades!
Remember we offer that personal touch service unlike anyone else!

Please help us by filling your profile fully and answering all the questions for a quicker response!
You must be actively seeking to marry, remember we are not a company operating different sites pretending to be individual or unique.
We are individual and unique!